Smelter City entertains over 1,000 Excursionists from the surrounding country-events of the
day.Humboldt, on September 2, will have one of the biggest Labor Day celebrations ever held in
this part of the Territory. The various committees are now hard at work arranging for every detail
of the event, and from the personnel of the committees the success of the celebrations is assured.

One of the main features of the day will be the baseball tournament, for which a purse of $500 has been offered. In addition to this another popular amusement feature is to be a rock drilling contest for a purse of $250, and a half mile horse race for a $200 purse, a bronco busting contest or cashprizes, a tug of war, and other sports will go to make the day fun.

Excursion’s rate will prevail on all roads in this part of the Territory, and a special train will probably be run from this city to Humboldt. The special rate will extend as far south as Phoenix and as far north as Flagstaff, effective at all intermediate stations.

The Phoenix band has been secured to furnish music for the occasion, and all indications point
to what will no doubt prove a thoroughly enjoyable affair for all who attend.

Large red and blue posters have been printed, announcing the forthcoming celebrations, which will be spread broad east in the northern part of the Territory, and Humboldt confidently expects to entertain the largest number of visitors in her history on Labor Day. The executive president committee composed of J. J. Reddick; R.A. Campbell secretary, and J.D. Bethune treasury, is leaving nothing undone to assure the success of the celebration and the s